Updated 12/10/15

I was first made aware of Virgin Coconut oil from an email directing to a site where a USA lady doctor explained how she treated her husbands Alzheimer's condition with daily doses of Virgin Coconut Oil.
The video showed how his social, communication and drawing skills improved over a period of weeks through the intake of this natural food supplement.
The explanation for this was that the liver was able to convert the Virgin Coconut oil into a alternative food for brain cells.


This had my interest as no way in the world do I want to have anything going wrong in the brain department so I searched around and found an Organic shop that had Virgin Coconut oil and purchased a 1 litre container of it.
I felt it was fairly expensive at $35.95 but that is cheap when considering the cost of having Dementia, Parkinsons or any of those types of health problems.
Besides I want a sharp mind, the ability to remember all the things I want to remember (ideally the ability to forget the things I would prefer to forget).
I had found some years before that a daily taking of MSM (organic Sulphur Food Supplement) had improved my short term memory dramatically; I always knew why I was in any room or what I wanted when I went to the fridge or cupboards.
I only need to glance at a small set of numbers to know them.
Later I started remembering in detail past events that I had forgotten. (This is not always good)
Taking the Virgin Coconut oil daily improved the memory aspect I think but it also contributed to other health benefits that I did not know about.
After reading the book Coconut Cures, it would appear that there is very few (if any) health conditions that Virgin Coconut oil will not help in and maybe in many cases solve the problem.
This is as a result of taking 1 to 2 tablespoons of Virgin Coconut oil a day and in skin condition and various pain aspects applying Virgin Coconut oil to the skin or that area of your body.
For instance from the web site

Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) intaken in substantial amounts keeps cholesterol low, between 170 and 200 milligrams per deciliter, by promoting the conversion of cholesterol into pregnenolone to be utilized in the production of adrenal and sex hormones.
VCO's cholesterol-lowering effect is a regulatory action since it can also beneficially raise cholesterol when it is too low for the body's needs, thus maintaining the healthy ratio between low density lipoprotein-cholesterol and high density lipoprotein-cholesterol (HDL-C).
On the other hand, the lowering of total cholesterol by the omega-6 oils (corn and soybean oils) is not beneficial since it also lowers the good HDL-C, subsequently depositing the lost oxidized cholesterol in the arterial plaque, which could clog the arteries.
While statins block cholesterol synthesis, this does not address the inflammatory nature of atherosclerosis. VCO does, having the ability to kill major types of atherogenic bacteria and viruses in the blood while exhibiting anti-inflammatory action in synergy with omega-3 fatty acids.
The saturated fats-heart scare is a big fat lie because it covers up the fact that polyunsaturated oils are the sources of inflammatory prostaglandins, allergic leuko-trienes, and blood clot-inducing thromboxane. And when partially hydrogenated, polyunsaturated oils are converted into trans fatty acids that are even more atherogenic.
We all know that Trans Fatty Acids are really bad for us (well I hope everyone knows) and many processed foods are heart attack material.
Biscuits, cakes, potato chips produced with hydrogenated, polyunsaturated oils.
Coconut oil is the only oil to contain medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) which are shorter and smaller than long-chain fatty acids (LCFAs) Because MCFAs digest more easily and have a greater solubility in water they provide a quick and easy source of nutrition without taxing the enzymes of the body.
Virgin Coconut oil also has the ability to assist in weight control as a tablespoon or two a day (take in morning or at lunch) will enhance your metabolism and burn up calories.
There is a very good book to read to find out many of the benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil called 'Coconut Cures' by Bruce Fife. Available through Amazon or on this web site

That is the company which I have imported Virgin Coconut oil from in 1 litre jars.
The price is $28.00 a jar plus shipping in NZ or you can have 2 jars for $55.00 plus $5.00 shipping in NZ.
To order phone 0800 466464

See at Virgin Coconut Oil in Health section

Wally Richards